About us

ARTIED is a Creativity and Educational Studio centred around the concept of Art Inspired Education. And this is where our name came from – ART-I-ED.

Our believe is that “Art is meaning and helps us better understand ourselves, people and the world around us”.


Our goals are in several directions

From one side, we want to encourage more people to slow down, to reduce stress levels coming from their daily routine and to enjoy the art of slow living, in harmony with the nature. One of the ways to achieve these is to delve into artistic challenges and to learn how to “read” messages of Classical and Modern artworks. This helps us rediscover ourselves and seek (and reveal) our own meaning in life.  

From the other side, we believe that art in all its forms boosts our creativity and out-of-the-box thinking, helps us break with stereotypes, increases our emotional intelligence, and recharges us with positive emotions.


За нас - Арти Ед
За нас - Арти Ед

The third main aspect of our activities is boosting entrepreneurial skills of art and crafts inspired people and young artists. With this, we want to support their personal and professional development and to improve their knowledge and skills to work on projects, or to start their career or a new business endeavour.

In the heart of our approach is education based on art appreciation. Through it, we start with contemplation and reflection on pieces of art and continue with their analyses and interpretations. In this way, our learners gradually find inspirational ways how to do new links and associations beyond ordinary things.

We organise short sessions and creativity boosting trainings, which provoke learners’ curiosity about different art movements, styles, artists and works from Classical, Modern and Post-modern art. We also help them overcome the fear of talking about artworks and encourage them to reveal new aspects of their own self, their work, other people and the world around them.

Мариана Петрова - Основател


The Studio was founded by Mariana Petrova, who has over 20 years of training experience and long-lasting interest in arts.

Mariana is a certified group dynamic trainer, licenced mediator and has additional qualifications in art appreciation and teaching through art and ideas, including a Diploma of Art Appreciation from The Art Institute, United Kingdom, and „Art and Ideas Teaching with Themes“ at MoMA.

She is the initiator of „Goodeeds” – www.goodeeds.net, which aim is to help organisations, non-formal groups and individuals improve the effectiveness of their giving and volunteering activities.