Fast track
on Creativity 

Ideas are all around us but very often we prefer to just go with the flow. This might be because it is easier to make things on the usual way, or because we have stuck in our daily routine. Whatever the reason is, it blocks our creativity.

Do you want to wake up your inspiration and bring your creativity back?

Our programmes are here to help you:


„From the single tree to the whole forest” Programme

It includes short creativity boosting sessions through art appreciation. We offer them in two formats – one-to-one and group activities.

The goal of the Programme is to help you to break with stereotypes, to go out of routine and monotonous approaches to tasks and to make new connections between single elements (trees) and the ‘big picture’ (the forest).

Read more about the „From the single tree to the whole forest“ Programme

It is suitable for people who feel stuck in monotonous ideas and tedious and routine tasks and want to boost their creativity and critical, out-of-the-box and associative thinking. As well as for those who want to learn how to find new and flexible approaches to everyday problems in work and life.

The Programme is also suitable for teams that want to experiment with finding new solutions to daily problems and to search new ways to work with their colleagues and clients.

What do we do during the sessions?

  • Brief amusing art history reviews of 2 to 3 thematically selected artworks, their authors, movements and styles.
  • Entertaining games what we ‘observe’ and what we see ‘see’ in one artwork.
  • Solving puzzles and other games for comparison between the presented artworks, with a focus on comparing and contrasting the works.
  • Amusing group activities for improving presentation, communication and sales skills in non-conventional work environment, which stimulates creative, out-of-the-box and associative thinking and allows learners to go out of the daily work routine.
  • Focused discussions how all these are linked with our everyday lives and with our work activities, so to be more creative and successful when approaching daily tasks in our usual routine and as members of work teams.

UPON REQUEST: we could add practical creative activities like making thematic collages and compositions, doing visual and narrative storytelling, etc.

What will you receive at the end of the sessions?

  • You go out of the ‘first sight’ routine and start to provoke yourself for searching new connections and associations beyond usual things and patterns.
  • You learn how to take a critical look, to be innovative and to break with stereotypes, so to unlock your creativity and out-of-the-box thinking.
  • Work teams go out of routine and well-known approaches to tasks and unlock their spirit of creativity. Their members start to be more innovative and break with stereotypes in their daily activities.
  • Through analysing different elements of an artwork, you ‘see’ your colleagues and the other people in a new way and learn how to interlink different sides and see the whole picture in each situation.

Format: Online or face-to-face

„I, the Non-Artist“ Programme

In its heart are individual creativity and inspiration of each of us, irrespectively if we are professional artists or amateurs. But also, the idea for sustainable living, creative recycling and circular economy.

The Programme is specifically developed for non-professional art and craft lovers, who enjoy doing something with their hands, like arts and crafts and want to rediscover their creativity potential.

Read more about the „I, the Non-Artist“ Programme

The Programme combines 4 modules in a form of creative challenges. The first two modules are focused on the main principles of circular economy, creative recycling and specifics of working with different materials. The other two modules are practical and allow participants to develop own products by creatively recycling their own dress, scarf, box or other object of their choice.

During the Programme sessions, we encourage participants to actively discuss and exchange ideas and to provoke as their own creativity, as well as to benefit from suggestions and experience of others.

What do we do during the creative challenges?

  • We learn more about sustainable living, creative recycling and circular economy.
  • We learn how to refresh and continue using objects we like, so to reduce the piles of waste that flood us from everywhere.
  • We develop our craft and fine motor skills and creative energy.
  • We learn from our peers and break with stereotypes.
  • And of course – meet with other people and are inspired by their ideas.

What will you receive at the end?

  • You go out of the routine and start to provoke yourself for searching new connections and associations beyond usual things and everyday objects.
  • You learn how to be innovative and to live on a sustainable and environment-friendly way.
  • You improve your fine motor skills, which decreases your stress levels, allows active aging and helps for prevention of burnout and diseases, like dementia, Alzheimer, etc.
  • And last but not least – your give second life to your favourite objects – dresses, scarfs, boxes and many other things, so you could continue using and enjoying them in a new or different way.

Format: Online and face-to-face