Fast track on Creativity through Art Appreciation

To whom is it recommended?

The sessions are offered in two formats:

  • One-to-one activities – for people who feel stuck in monotonous ideas and tedious and routine tasks and want to boost their creativity and critical, out-of-the-box and associative thinking. As well as for those who want to learn how to find new and flexible approaches to everyday problems in work and life
  • Group activities, as team refreshersFrom the single tree to the whole forest”, which help work teams break with stereotypes, go out of routine and monotonous approaches to tasks and make new connections between single elements (the tree) and the ‘big picture’ (the forest). These activities are also suitable for those who want to experiment with finding new solutions to daily problems and to search new ways to work with their colleagues and clients.

What do we do during the session?

  • Brief amusing art history reviews of 2 to 3 thematically selected artworks, their authors and movements/styles
  • Entertaining games what we ‘observe’ and what we see ‘see’ in one artwork
  • Solving puzzles and other games for comparison between the presented artworks, with a focus on comparing and contrasting the works
  • Amusing group activities for improving presentation, communication and sales skills in non-conventional work environment, which stimulates creative, out-of-the-box and associative thinking and allows learners to go out of the daily work routine
  • Focused discussions how all these are linked with our everyday lives and with our work activities, so to be more creative and successful when approaching daily tasks in our usual routine and as members of work teams.

UPON REQUEST: we could add practical creative activities like making thematic collages and compositions out of paintings, doing visual and narrative storytelling, etc.

What do we receive at the end of the session?

  • We go out of the ‘first sight’ routine and start to provoke ourselves for searching new connections and associations beyond usual things and patterns
  • We learn how to take a critical look, to be innovative and to break with stereotypes, so to unlock our creativity and out-of-the-box thinking
  • Work teams go out of routine and following well-known approaches to tasks and unlock their spirit of creativity. Their members start to be more innovative and break with stereotypes in their daily activities
  • Through analysing different elements of an artwork, we ‘see’ our colleagues and other people around us in a new way and learn how to connect different sides and see the whole picture.

Duration: between 60 and 120 minutes (depending on the inclusion of additional activities and practical tasks)

Format: Online or face-to-face