Terms of Use and Cookies Policy

This document provides information about the activities of the Creativity and Educational Studio “ARTIED” (referred here by as “The Studio”), the terms of use of its activities and the cookies policy.  The Studio may change, modify, amend or enlarge its Terms of Use, according to the changes and amendments of the acting Bulgarian and European legislation by updating the information published on its website.   

Please read very carefully the present Terms of Use and Cookies Policy prior to using or accessing informational or commercial services, offered by the Creativity and Educational Studio “ARTIED”, including via its Internet site hosted on the following domain: www.arti-ed.com. By visualising the Internet address ‘www.arti-ed.com into the Internet browser or in the mobile application, each user automatically commits to follow the rules and to observe the conditions stipulated here after.

The Internet site ‘www.arti-ed.com’ belongs to and is maintained by the Creativity and Educational Studio “ARTIED” (ARTIED Ltd, Reg. no. 206400754). All narrative and visual information, published on the site, is property of the Studio and may be used and disseminated by third parties solely for non-commercial purposes and under condition that its source is correctly cited and that the copy right issues as stipulated in the Copyright Law and other related legislation are not breached. Users of the website may not change or delete narrative or visual information published on the site, neither reproduce it for advertising or commercial purposes. All information, data and images on the Internet site ‘www.arti-ed.com’ are not and may not be defined, seen and/or interpreted as a final offer, invitation or other type of particular trade proposal or offer, unless it is specifically stated.

By filling in the compulsory and/or non-compulsory information in the registration form in the ‘Contact’ section, users of the Internet site ‘www.arti-ed.com’ voluntary provide the following personal data: “Name”, “Email address” and “Phone number” with the sole purpose the Creativity and Educational Studio “ARTIED” to be able to contact them back. This data is kept according to the GDPR-related Policy of the Studio, the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and the Personal Data Protection Law, as well as according to the other legislation acting in the Republic of Bulgaria.

It is the right of the Creativity and Educational Studio “ARTIED” to cease the access to its services and to change or delete information, publications or resources posted on its Internet site at any time and upon its own decision. It may also cease the access to the entire Internet site ‘www.arti-ed.com’ for unrestricted time, upon its own decision and without any prior notice in cases of any unsolicited intervention from a third party (an individual, a business, private or public entity) resulting in dissemination of information or messages damaging the good public image or reputation of the Studio or its founders and/or containing obscene, racist, offensive, vulgar, discriminative and/or threatening texts or images, including such of ethnic, religious or political origin, or containing non-solicited advertising, commercial or pornographic content, as well as in cases of a found malicious act coming from an user or users, which breaches the commonly accepted Internet ethics or causes damages to any individual, private or public body connected to the Internet, and leads to disruption of their usual work and might be qualified as an act or crime or other act of administrative violation according to the Bulgarian legislation or any other applicable regulations at local, national or international level. The Creativity and Educational Studio “ARTIED” and its founders may not be liable for any losses or damages suffered by users and/or caused by impudent users to third parties – individuals or public or private bodies, in the process of using the Internet site ‘www.arti-ed.com’ and the access to any narrative or visual materials published on it, including losses or damages caused by viruses, or other type of spam or fishing content, which may affect computer infrastructure, software, data or other type of property of the user or any third party entities – individuals, public or private bodies, due to the use or review of the Internet site or downloads made by user/s of materials published on the Internet site ‘www.arti-ed.com‘ or other Internet sites that are linked with the site of the Studio.

In cases when on the Internet site of the Creativity and Educational Studio “ARTIED” – www.arti-ed.com’ are published materials or links to texts, images, videos, audio recordings, graphics, tables, data bases, and so on, which are property of or are prepared or provided by third parties – individuals or public or private entities, from Bulgaria or another country, the whole liability regarding content, copyright issues and other obligations related to these are beared by the respective individual or public or private body that provides the materials or the access to them.  

The Internet site ‘www.arti-ed.com’ uses cookies, scripts, pixel markers or other related software solely for maintaining and improving the functionality and interactivity of the site and the access of its services to other related sites, including social media like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, etc, or online platforms for videoconferencing like Zoom, Skype, Messenger, Google, etc. Users may manually change settings of their Internet browsers or automatically remove or delete cookies/biscuits or set that some biscuits might not be applied, which may affect the full range of services or visualisations of the Internet site ‘www.arti-ed.com’. In such cases, the Creativity and Educational Studio “ARTIED” is not responsible if some functions of the site do not work properly.