Art Inspired

What we do

Slow Living through Art

If you feel under pressure of your daily routine or with all the things you do every day, artistic challenges and delving into the art world could recharge your batteries and decrease the level of stress and tension

Fast track on Creativity

We go out of routine and well-known patterns, start to provoke ourselves, to break with stereotypes, to take a critical look, to be innovative and to search new connections and associations beyond usual things

Entrepreneurial Skills for Artists and Creative People

For young and young-minded artists – painters, sculptors, designers, craftsmen and women, etc, who want to start as freelancers or to turn their artistic and creative ideas into own business endeavour

About us

ARTIED is a Creativity and Educational Studio centred around the concept of Art Inspired Education.

We organize short training sessions and entertaining formats that provoke curiosity about different trends, authors and works of classical, modern and postmodern art, increase creativity and help people discover new things about themselves and the world around them…

„Art gives meaning and helps us better understand ourselves, the people and the world around us“

Joint initiatives