Slow Living through Art

If you feel under pressure of your daily routine or with all the things you do every day, delving into the art world could recharge your batteries and decrease the level of stress, tension and professional burnout.

We offer to you our 3 practical formats, which can help you to slow down and to recharge your batteries. They are based on the education through art appreciation approach and with them you can learn how to ‘dive’ into artworks (but also into your emotions, habits and attitudes), to analyse them and to make new connections and associations beyond the things visible at first sight.


„Thematic voyages in art“

During the events, don’t expect to hear high level and academic theory. On the contrary – we have prepared to you brief thematic art appreciation reviews, followed by a variety of practical activities. The aim is to help you to ‘connect’ with the presented artworks and to find your own meaning in them (not to look for what ‘the author wanted to say’ or what a well-known art critic or expert has written). The sessions are suitable for everybody who is curious and want to learn more about different art styles, movements, genres and artists.

This format can be adapted to people with disabilities or to elders diagnosed with early stages of dementia, as part of individual or group therapeutic activities with them. It is also suitable for team activities, as part of corporate wellness programmes.

Read more about thematic voyages

During the events you will enjoy:

  • Brief amusing art history reviews of thematically selected artworks, their movements, authors and styles.
  • Entertaining games what we ‘observe’ and what we ‘see’ in one artwork and how to find OUR own message (and meaning) in the work (based on the art appreciation approach).
  • Individual art appreciation activities, including focused contemplation on two to three artworks, self-reflection and analysis of the works.
  • Puzzle game “Telling the artwork with our own words”, which will give each participant an opportunity to express how he or she links with the artwork. Here, we have included different rounds with works from Classical and Modern art.

UPON REQUEST: we could add practical creative activities like making thematic collages and compositions, doing visual and narrative storytelling, etc.

What will you learn at the end of the event?

The skill how to ‘look’ (and ‘see’) works from Classical, Modern and Post-modern art (which will be very helpful next time you visit a museum or an art gallery), how to speak about them, but also – how to link them with yourself, with your daily life, with your work and the world around you. And of course, the drawing or the collage, which each participant has created.

And more: You will take a break from your intense daily routine, will decrease your stress level, will rechange your batteries and will delve into the beautiful world of art.

Format: Online or face-to-face

„COPE – Let’s talk about emotions through images and movements” Programme

Why „СОРЕ“?

The name of the Programme comes from the English word “COPE”, which is also associated with “dealing effectively and successfully with something difficult”. And this is for a purpose.

Through it, participants learn more about their own emotions and build emotional resilience and skills how to cope with stress and tension – as in professional, as well as in personal life. To achieve all these, we step on the combination of art appreciation approach and expression of emotions through the methods of applied improvisation.

Read more about the „COPE“ Programme
What do we do during the practical sessions?

  • We learn how to reflectively contemplate paintings, connect with them and ‘open’ our senses, so to discover and rediscover our own emotions and feelings.
  • We provoke our imagination and work on changing our habits and attitudes that cause us stress and tension.
  • We learn how to build emotional resilience and cope with stress and tension through images, colours, forms, patterns and movements.
  • We exercise how to express and recognise different emotions through movements and build positive habits to deal with stress and tension – as in professional, as well as in personal life.
  • And of course – we meet new people and ideas.

What will you receive at the end?

  • You better know yourself and your emotions, by delving into the beautiful world of art and theatre.
  • You learn how to be emotionally resilient and to deal with stress and tension – at work and in personal life.
  • You slow down and build positive habits and attitudes – as towards yourself, as well as toward others.
  • And last but not least – you learn new things about different artworks, artists, art movements and styles.

Format: Online or face-to-face


“Mindfulness 2” – Programme for stress symptoms reduction and dealing with burnout

The Programme is a joint initiative between „Shake Consulting“, UK  and Creativity and Educational Studio ARTIED. It consists of 9 steps, which are shaped as standalone sessions that slowly and step-by-step lead participants throughout the process. During each session, we combine mindfulness practices for reducing stress levels and focused exploration of paintings following the Art Appreciation method.

You can find more information here