“Mindfulness*2” – Programme for stress symptoms reduction and dealing with burnout

Why burnout?
Problems caused by burnout were recognised as important even before 2019, when WHO declare it an occupational illness due to chronic stress. According to older books about Time Management and Management in general and even to business jokes being busy, preoccupied with different tasks, and not having at least a second aside was a sign of success. Such status was considered prestigious and a proof of good productivity. Managers, who worked overtime, were praised and awarded, including financially.

However, today every second employee says that they experience some type of overpressure and burnout. Statistical data show that more and more office workers cannot deal with chronic stress at work and lose their motivation. Consultants propose different models for dealing with the problem, and each blogger somehow thinks they ‘ought to say something’ about burnout.

What is the remedy?
The truth is that unless we grab the problem in our hands and make the reasonable choice to change ourselves, our habits, behaviours and the environment we live in, burnout will be with us everywhere and during all the time.

We have a proposal for you!

Our Programme for stress symptoms reduction and dealing with burnout – ‘Mindfulness*2’ (‘Mindfulness Squared’) is here to help you!

What is the Mindfulness*2 Programme?
The Programme is a joint initiative between „Shake Consulting“, UK and Creativity and Educational Studio ARTIED. It consists of 9 steps, which are shaped as standalone sessions that slowly and step-by-step lead participants throughout the process. During each session, we combine mindfulness practices for reducing stress levels and focused exploration of paintings following the Art Appreciation method.

What is in the heart of the Mindfulness*2 approach and how is it different?

  • It is based on the synergy brought by Mindfulness practices (which are a scientifically proven way for reducing stress levels) and calming and recharging effects of Art Appreciation and diving into the beautiful world of paintings.
  • It works for long-term changes of individual behaviour and attitudes towards time and sources of stress – at work and at home.
  • Participants cultivate the ability to take an inner look, to make new links and associations beyond the obvious things, to learn how to quickly find a solution in a difficult situation, so as to live in harmony with the world around them.
  • They develop their skills to ask the right questions (thus fostering their self-coaching abilities), learn how to break with stereotypes and to provoke themselves, so to be innovators – of new ideas and new approaches.

The stages, which participants go thorough in the Programme, help them to learn how to:

  • ‘Switch off’ and ‘open up’ their senses.
  • Contemplate and meditate, i.e. how to perceive and live through different daily situations and challenges.
  • ‘Connect’ themselves with the things they see and experience, including with their own thoughts, feelings and wishes.
  • Accept themselves, others with their feelings, opinions and wishes, and the surrounding world, so to become able to ‘set the boundaries’ and avoid burnout.
  • And at the end – provoke themselves and become creators and curators – of their own self and of the world about them.

How to assess if the Programme is for you?
Answer to the following questions for only 1 minute. Mark all that is relevant to you:

  • Daily time I spend in front of different digital devices is 9 or more hours.
  • I feel tired when I wake up in the morning.
  • It is difficult to get concentrated on a text longer than one page, before stopping reading and start doing other things.
  • During a Zoom meeting, I open other applications, browse through websites or check my email or social media accounts.
  • I feel sorry for some hasty reactions towards others or want to be more socially active, like in the past.
  • I postpone physical activities even knowing that they are good for me.
  • I have problems with falling asleep because of too many thoughts which I had during the day.
  • I can say that during most of the time last year I accumulated too much stress.

If you have selected 3 or more of the statements, the Mindfulness*2 Programme is for you!

Think about what the results from this informal test mean – for you and for your wellbeing at work and at home.

Everything is interlinked, isn’t it?

Contact us and we will send you the details about the Programme.