Why is diversity at workplace and in society so important for us?

At Creativity and Educational Studio ARTIED, we strongly believe that each person is unique and valuable on their own. And that s/he needs to be supported to develop their talents, skills and ideas.

That is why at the end of April 2022 we joined the community of companies and organisations committed to Diversity Charter Bulgaria. In their work, they follow the principles of diversity and believe that it is a driver to creativity, innovation, growth and productivity, and an incentive for individuals and partners to fully reveal their knowledge, competences, talents and skills.

Why is it so important for us to be part of this community?
We consider the great importance of the principles of tolerance, mutual respect and diversity of ideas and approaches. Our believe is that “Art is meaning and helps us better understand ourselves, people and the world around us”. This way, we encourage all members of our team, the clients and partners we work with, as well as participants in our trainings, artistic sessions and other events to look for their own meaning in everything they do and to be open to others’ opinions and viewpoints. In the heart of our approach are creativity and ‘out-of-the-box’ thinking, which are simply not possible without acknowledging diversity and the right to everyone to have (and defend) their own ideas about the surrounding world.

The other main direction of our work is cultural diversity. Here, we create opportunities for people with disabilities, including elders diagnosed with dementia and Alzheimer, to get in touch to the beautiful world of art. This way, we want to help them ‘open’ their senses, socialise better and take or get back their dignified place in our society.

We believe that the more companies and people follow and apply the values laid in the Diversity Charter, the more ‘open’ and responsible to others we will become as a society. And this will help us go ahead!

How do we apply the diversity principles in our work?
The activities we do and the policies we follow as an employer and a business partner are based on the principles of honesty, integrity, responsibility, respect, non-discrimination and the right to everybody to have and defend their personal viewpoint.

In our internal operational rules, we follow the policy of equal opportunities and non-discrimination based on gender, age, religion, ethnicity, race or other grounds. The internal and external experts we work or cooperate with are at different ages and with different interests and backgrounds. We strictly respect their rights for privacy and personal opinion. We also apply this approach to our clients, partners and participants in the projects and training and artistic activities. Our GDPR-related policy and the terms of use of our services are publicly available on the ARTIED’s website. This way, we guarantee the transparency of our activities.

Educational events, artistic sessions and the other services we provide are open to everybody who is interested in the topics on which we work and respect the principles we follow. In our activities with people with disabilities and elders with dementia and Alzheimer we respect their specific educational and health needs and conditions, as well as the rights for personal respect and voluntary participation. That is the reason why we do not publish pictures with them unless we have permission to do so from their relatives, chaperons or social houses where they stay.

We plan to continue following these policies and principles because we believe that they create the right base for success – not only for us – as an organisation, but also for our society in general.


For more information about our activities for applying the principles of Diversity Charter Bulgaria, please check our Facebook profile.