GDPR-related Policy

GDPR-related Policy

The Creativity and Educational Studio “ARTIED” aims to raise people’s interest in all forms of art and to actively include arts in the process of non-formal education and personal development. The main focus of our activities is on boosting creativity and ‘out-of-the-box’ thinking skills, to help people break with stereotypes, increase their emotional intelligence, decrease their stress level, recharge their batteries with positive emotions and learn how to ‘live slowly’ and in harmony with the nature. Another area of our activities is development of entrepreneurial skills for young artists and creative people, through which we want to support their personal and professional growth as well as their opportunities to start a self-employed endeavour or own business. ARTIED is registered as a cultural organisation at the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Bulgaria – Reg. no. 105 (2163) / 08.04.2021.

With reference to execution of Studio’s activities and maintaining contacts with current and potential users of our services, we collect personal data through our website ‘’, Studio’s profiles in social media, through different registration forms for the events we organise, and through photos, video or audio recordings of our face-to-face or online events. These personal data are collected, processed and stored according to the requirements of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament, Personal Data Protection Law, other regulations in force in this area, the Terms of Use and Cookies Policy of the Creativity and Educational Studio “ARTIED”, and following the principles of goodwill, transparency and lawfulness.

Our aim is to minimize the scope of users’ personal data which we collect, to use these solely for the purposes for which they were provided to us, to store the information for the shortest possible period, after which – to destroy the data according to the established rules and the acting legislation. In case we receive personal data for young people aged under 16-years old, such data are collected by exception and after receiving preliminary agreement/notification from parents or guardians of the respective minor person. We do not collect neither process personal data which refer to racial or ethnic origin of people, their religious and/or political affiliations, membership in any type of organisations, nor any information related to genetic or biometric data, data for health condition or sexual orientation of people who use our services or participate in our activities.

The type of personal data we collect is as follows:

  • Name and family name, email address and optionally – a phone number – of people who have contacted us via the ‘Contacts’ section of our website or though registration forms for our events, with the purpose to be able to contact the person back.
  • Name and family name, email address, phone number and other relevant information of people who participate in events, organised under projects financed by the Operational Programmes or other EU funds and programmes, by financial programmes at local, regional and national level, or by other donors – in accordance to the policy and requirements of the respective financing programme or organisation. Collected personal data are used solely for documenting and reporting the respective event.
  • Photos, video or audio recordings from face-to-face or online events, which we organise, with the purpose to visualise the respective event and to promote the activities of the Studio.
  • Information from cookies/biscuits, scripts, pixel markers or other software with the purpose to maintain and improve the functionalities and interactivity of our Internet site and its access to other related sites, including social media like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, etc, or online platforms for videoconferencing like Zoom, Skype, Messenger, Google, etc.
  • In case we conclude a contract or other type of agreement for delivery/execution of a service to/from the Studio or in case of an execution of a project – personal data of the individual or private entity to whom/which we deliver the service or who/which is included in the project, according to the legislation in force in the respective area.
  • Personal and bank transfer data necessary for making payments for services or projects implemented by the Studio, as well as services delivered from individuals or private entities to the Studio.

The Creativity and Educational Studio “ARTIED” does not share personal data provided to us with other individuals or private entities, except if such data is required by an official state body, such as Ministry of Inferior, Prosecutor’s Office, Court of Law, Income Agency, Commission for Personal Data Protection, and so forth. In limited cases and according to the acting Bulgarian legislation, as well as following the principles of lawfulness, confidentiality and goodwill, we could share such information with third parties that help us maintain or realise our services – such as hosting companies, companies for processing received payments, for ensuring online security, courier services, for analysis of web traffic, for conducting online surveys among our clients or participants in events, etc. If another case arose, we would agree to share personal data provided to us only upon written agreement from their owner.

In case a user has objections about the way we collect, process, store or destroy personal data collected by the Creativity and Educational Studio “ARTIED”, s/he may notify the Commission for Personal Data Protection as a responsible supervising body regarding personal data protection.