Add Colours to Your Virtual Team Meetings!

Do you ask yourself how to make your next online team meeting different? Why don’t you try a new artistic challenge and dive into the beautiful world of paintings?

Duration: between 60 and 90 minutes depending on the size of the team

What will you do?

  • Have a virtual tour about 2 selected paintings (through a short amusing art appreciation review of the paintings)
  • Artistic puzzle “Let’s narrate the paintings with our own words” (based on the “Compare & Contrast” approach
  • „And now – it’s our turn!“ – an amusing virtual game for making a joint team collage from the two paintings under review

What will you experience?

  • Recharging your batteries with creative energy
  • Improving your team spirit
  • Seeing your colleagues in a ‘different way’
  • Funny and stress relief virtual team meeting
  • And last but not least – the digital team collage, which your colleagues could print out and put into the office or on the desktops of their laptops

Contact us and we will send you the details.