Let’s organise an artistic challenge to cope with stress caused by social isolation

During the spring period of social isolation, many people turn to art as a source of creativity and a way to deal with high stress levels.

Why not do it again?


By simply organising an artistic challenge!

We could do this alone or with our family and friends, or with our colleaguesas a short artistic break for recharging the team. It is also an excellent way to pause the long chain of online business meetings which we held every day.

Here is one easy exercise in 2 steps:

  1. Choose a painting (an image from the Internet or Facebook will also work). This might be your favourite artwork or such you see for the first time. It might be from a Bulgarian artist or from a well-known painter. It might also be a Classical work or from the Modern times. The most important thing is the painting to grab your attention and to be meaningful for you!
  2. Look at the painting carefully and try to find at least 2 things which are new and which you haven’t noticed by now. This might be a new combination of colours, new form, new symbol. Or simply a new association or an idea which has spontaneously come to your mind.

How do you feel as an inventor?

(Let me tell you a secret – you can use this easy approach each time when you ‘block’ over a routine task and don’t know where to start from and how to continue 😊 )

Now – if you have time and willingness, you could try to draw or shape and take a photo of what YOU (yes – YOU, not the author) ‘see’ in the painting. After that, you could post it in the social media. If you do this exercise with your friends and colleagues, you could organise a mini contest or an exhibition as well.

Good luck!!